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The Leading Leverage Lending Protocol, Designed for Optimal Security and Scalability.

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Flexible and Secure

The Features

Adaptive risk management allows pools to be managed by third parties or remain immutable, providing unparalleled flexibility. Permissionless creation means anyone can swiftly establish new pools with various collateral types.


Risk is managed by third party operators. Risk controls are dynamic and evolve as markets change.


Lending pools are isolated from one another. Lenders get to choose their risk exposure.


Sentiment lending pools can support any asset or strategy. Pools can be created and managed by anyone.

Reviewed By top firms

Super Verified

Comprehensive audits by industry leaders validate Sentiment's robust defense mechanisms, ensuring asset safety.


Sherlock contests expose the codebase to a wide array of security researchers, making the audits more robust.


Zach Obront is an independent auditor, whose audits secure $100MM+ TVL.

Arbitrary Exec

Arbitrary Execution is a boutique auditing firm with a breadth of security expertise.

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